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English breakfast in Barcelona

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The traditional and famous English breakfast is an institution in United Kingdom. Most of the brits love a full English Breakfast prepared the classic way and with good ingredients, even when they are on vacations out of their country. In almost every hotel and holiday resort of the Mediterranean you will have the option of an english breakfast in the morning or if it is a “buffet type” breakfast you will have the ingredients to prepare a plate of it at your own taste. As well many restaurants in touristic zones of Spain offer english breakfast during mornings.

  • Sausages
  • Bacon
  • Grilled Tomatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Fried eggs
  • Fried bread
  • A slice of white or black pudding (bloodwurst)
  • Toast with butter
  • Hot tea or coffee

The modern version (since 1950 or so) of the english breakfast comes also with baked beans and hash browns (mashed and fried potato).


English breakfast has its own versions depending on which zone of the UK we are. There are many regional versions of this staple. For example

  • Ulster Fry or breakfast, that comes with includes Irish soda bread
  • Scottish breakfast, that comes with a tattie scone (potato scone) and a slice of haggis (sausage made with sheep entrails)
  • Welsh breakfast comes with laverbread (a type of bread made from seaweed)
  • Cornish breakfast comes with some Cornish hogs pudding (kind of sausage)


English breakfast appeared during the victorian era, when the english middle class emerged, becoming more important in economic and political weight. The english middle class wanted to copy the customs of the most wealthy class, and that included the traditional english breakfast. This kind of breakfast started to be served everyday, before 9.00h AM (the time when people was going to work). The working classes also started enjoying the english breakfast, specially during the industrial revolution. The records we have tell us that in 1950 around 50% of the population was starting their day with an english breakfast.


Although it has catched the fame to be unhealthy, english breakfast is an excellent way to start the day. It is a big source of proteins and fat, keeping you full for more hours than with a breakfast based in carbs and sugar. If an english breakfast is prepared grilled and not fried, it will be even more healthy.


In Obama we prepare the classic english breakfast the same way the english breakfast experts prepare it. We use the most fresh ingredients available for making those that are far away from home, like if they were in their kitchen. If you are in Barcelona and want to enjoy a real english breakfast come to Obama BCN.