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Mythical Premier League Soccer Teams

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The reasons that lead a football fan to support one team or another are obviously very personal and subjective, so it is quite difficult to rank which football team is better than another and why. That’s why Obama wanted to pull statistics in order to present those teams that have offered better performance throughout the history of the existence of the Premier League. As we strive to provide the best live sports and the data that surrounds them.

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Historical ranking of the Premier League

The Premier League has been played in the current format since 1992. 27 years have passed. The historical ranking of the Premier League is nothing more than a historical and statistical summary listing all those teams that have ever participated in this competition, offering data such as the number of seasons, the number of matches played, the number of matches won and the total number of points earned. If we consider only the statistics there are only six teams that have been playing uninterruptedly in the First Division of the English Football League. In addition, if we consider the number of points scored throughout history, the 6 best teams of Premier League are the following:

  • Manchester United
  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea
  • Liverpool
  • Tottenham
  • Everton

These 6 teams are the only ones out of a total of 49 that have participated during the 27 seasons without having been relegated to the Second Division and accumulate a total of 1038 matches played in the Premier League.

The most hated and beloved football teams in the Premier League

We have also found a 2016 news item where, more than 240 regional newspapers in England of the Mirror Publishing Group, asked thousands of fans about what they considered to be the most hated and most loved teams in their national football league, thus giving a very reliable view of what the average fan thinks. At the top of the table we find Chelsea, followed by Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham. Paradoxically, the table of most hated teams is topped by those clubs that hold the most titles. At the other end of the list is the most beloved (or in this case the least hated) team, the modest Bournemouth. Just above Bournemouth is the winner of the 2015 season, Leicester, suggesting that you can be a winner and not be hated at the same time by rivals and fans of opposing teams.

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The place to watch your Premier League matches

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